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Welcome to the home page of Su The Rabbit Lady!  I am based in Ronkonkoma, NY on Long Island and I have been breeding and selling rabbits for over fifteen years.  I breed and sell rabbits from my home in Ronkonkoma. Since you stumbled across this website, I hope I can help you find the perfect pet rabbit for your family.  Rabbits can make great pets for the prepared owner and I have the experience and enthusiasm as a rabbit breeder to make your rabbit purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible.

If you are considering a rabbit (or two!) as a household pet, here are some advantages to adding rabbits as a household or outdoors pet:

1 - Rabbits are playful and entertaining pets
2 - Rabbits can form very close bonds with their owners (just take a look at me and Hercules to the left!)
3 - Rabbits can be litter trained!

I specialize in breeding an assortment of unique and exotic rabbits.  I have a list of my current breeds below. I have also included some links to websites which can help you in the process of buying, choosing, and caring for your pet rabbit.
However, you should not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have about specific breeds or caring needs.  In
the meantime, please let me explain why I think I can help you make the best pet decision:

  • I have tons of experience with rabbits and bunnies and I provide what insights I have during both the buying experience and during the ownership experience.  This includes intimate knowledge of:
    • the personalities of different kinds of rabbits.  Which ones are jittery, which ones are playful, which ones are good for children, which breeds can be trained, gender differences
    • the feeding and sheltering requirements of rabbits including healthiest foods, best living conditions, preference for indoor or outdoor cages, tolerance for heat/cold, proclivity to sickness
    • the physical characteristics of certain breeds - maybe you have questions about how much a grown adult will weigh, how large it will get, how large its cage should be, and how much it sheds
  • I offer one-stop shopping for rabbit owners.  In addition to male and female rabbits, I offer rabbit hutches and cages (both indoor and outdoor) as well as food supplies (hay, pellets, water bottles, etc.). 

  • I am invested in a successful relationship between you and your pet rabbit.  As you may be able to tell, I  am a rabbit (and animal) lover.  Just take a look at the picture of me and Hercules above!  I want to make sure that both you and your pet rabbit are happy with their new surroundings.  This means, you should think of me as available resource in your rabbit ownership - if you any concerns or questions about your new pet, you should not hesitate to call me with questions and concerns. Rabbits, like other animals, are subject to poor health or sickness like any other pet.  I have experience in many of these manners and I can offer you advice on the proper treatment of any problems that may arise. 
  • I am a member of the Long Island Rabbit Breeders Association.  Thus, you can rest assured that I am networked with groups of individuals who care passionately about rabbits and staying up-to-date with the latest on rabbit health, care, and breeding practices.
If you would like to hear more about the rabbits I breed, or if you would like to arrange a visit to stop by and see what I currently have available for sale, please call my cell at 631- 672-8130 or call my home phone at 631-585-2837.   In the following section, I will go into a bit of detail on all of the types of rabbits I currently breed, including a picture of each one.  While all of these photographs were taken of my own rabbits, please keep in mind that the availability of certain colors or breeds of specific rabbits are variable - meaning, while you might like a black and white Holland Lop (such as the one pictured on the right side of the screen above), I might be sold-out.  Oh no!  On the other hand, if you are looking for a brown Mini-Rex, and one is not pictured below, it  does not necessarily mean I don't have many currently available!  Yay!  

Here are the types of rabbit I currently breed and sell below.  Prices range between $60-150, depending on the breed.

American Fuzzy Lop

Brief Description :

The American Fuzzy Lop is similar in appearance to a Holland Lop with the exception of its wool.  It weighs 3.5-4 lbs as an adult.  The ears lop along the side of the face.  American Fuzzy Lops are an active, playful breed with lots of personality.


Brief Description :
One of the top 10 most popular rabbit breeds, the Dutch is a very hardy, trouble-free breed of rabbit.  It is easily identifiable by its characteristic color pattern (usually in brown, black, and grey).  The adult rabbit will usually weigh between 3.5-5.5 pounds.

Dwarf Hotot

Brief Description :
A small and compact rabbit, this breed is uniformly white with dark bands around the eyes.  The Dwarf Hotot is one of the less common breeds though it is similar to the Netherland Dwarf.  A docile rabbit, the adult Dwarf Hotot usually grows to weigh between 2-3 pounds.

English Lop

Brief Description :
A very friendly rabbit, English Lops are characterized by their very large ears which lop along the side of the face.  Considered one of the true "Fancy" breeds, English Lops can grow quite large and usually reach 9-11 pounds.


Flemish Giant

Brief Description :
One of the largest breeds of domestic rabbits, the Flemish Giant is quite docile and tolerant of considerable handling.  They average between 15-16 pounds (though some grow larger) and measure about 22 inches long.  Flemish Giants should be kept in larger enclosures given their larger size.


French Lop

Brief Description:
The largest of the Lop breeds, these rabbits can be very heavy and stocky with wide bold heads.  The ears, while long and lopped, are shorter than the English breed.  The mature rabbit will weigh at least 12 pounds.  They are usually good-natured and friendly.


Brief Description :
The Harlequin is a very pretty rabbit with upright ears.
 It is either orange with colored markings (Japanese) or white with colored markings (Magpie).  The mature rabbit will weigh between 7-9 pounds.  They are generally quite calm and enjoy attention.

Holland Lop

Brief Description :
The smallest breed of the lop-eared rabbits, Holland Lops usually frow to weigh between 3-5 pounds.  These rabbits can either be solid in color or spotted like the one pictured left.  The Holland Lop is usually sweet-natured and non-aggressive.


Brief Description :
An exciting and unique new rabbit breed, this small rabbit has a mane of wool surrounding its head like a male African lion.  However, unlike other wool rabbit breeds, the Lionhead has regular fur on the rest of its body.   The adult Lionhead will usually weigh between 3-4 pounds.

Mini Rex

Brief Description :
The Mini Rex is an adorable medium size rabbit (~4 pounds) that comes in a variety of colors, some solid, some striped, and some spotted (like the one pictured left).  All Mini Rex breeds have the distinctive plush "Rex fur" which is extraordinarily short and smooth.  

Netherland Dwarfs

Brief Description :
The smallest breed I carry, Netherland Dwarfs have short fur and short upright ears.  They tend to have very spunky and energetic temperaments, but can also be skittish.  They usually grow to weigh between 2.5-3.5 pounds.
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Thank you for taking the time to read through my site.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations to improve the functionality of this website, please let me know.  Otherwise, if you have any other questions, or if you would like to arrange an appointment to see the rabbits I currently have for sale, please call my cellphone at 631-672-8130 or at home at 631-585-2837.  Have a wonderful day!